Please note that the crocheted items shown
here are samples of my past work and are not
for sale. Bear "models" are from my personal
bear collection unless otherwise stated.
Crocheted accessories for small / mini bears
Bear artist Lisa Madsen,  photo courtesy of
Lisa.  Thread crocheted dress for 2.5" bear.
Sweater & stocking cap 5" bear
Bear artist Monique Zobel
Dress & hat set fits 5" 6" bear
Victorian-style bear hats
A long time ago...

"How long will I have chicken pox?"
asked eight-year-old Jude, a scrawny
redhead with a splattering of freckles
across her nose.
“A few more days,” her mom replied.  
“But,” she added, reaching into an old
wicker basket, “I think I know
something that’ll help pass the time."
She handed Jude a big ball of yarn and
a crochet hook.  "I'll teach you how to
crochet," she said.  "Maybe you can
make a little hat for your bear,
* * *
Mama taught me how to crochet, and  
Rochester got his hat.
* * *
This page is dedicated to Mama, who
taught me so much more than how to
* * *
Over the years, I've crocheted and
donated hats for Preemies in Need,  
blankets for shelter dogs and cats, and,
of course, layettes for my own babies
and grandbabies.

* * *
It is my pleasure to once again crochet
for tiny dolls and bears.  The crocheted
items I offer  on eBay and at doll, bear,
and craft shows are my own design.  I
use high-quality threads and delightfully
textured / nubby yarns from lace
weight to 3-ply baby wool. I do not use
established patterns, and I constantly
tweak my previous designs to make
each item as unique and as special as the
tiny bear who will wear it.
* * *
Jumper dress & hat  6" 7" bear
Bear artist Bonnie Foster
Romper & Tassel Hat
16" Bear
Dress & hat set
Bear Artist Bettina Groh
Dress & Hat for 6" bear
Bear artist Bonnie Foster